Can the battery locks be installed on leased trucks and construction equipment?
YES: We have battery locks on Ryder and Penske trucks, Also installed on H&E equipment, Herc Rentals and Rental One Equipment. You will need to contact your rental or leasing agent before installing. Some of the companies will do the installation and may have an account set up with us
Can the battery locks be installed on cars, pick ups and Jeeps?
The battery locks are not recommended for passenger cars. However, they have been installed on pick up trucks and
Can a battery lock be installed on RVs, Motorhomes and boats ?
Yes: Battery locks can be installed on most RVs, Motorhomes and Boats. If you send us photos of the battery compartment via email at, we can assist you on what may be needed.
Does your company install the battery locks?
No: However, the battery locks are easy to install in most trucks and equipment. If you would like, we can try to find a local mechanic shop in your area that can do the installation. Contact us for any help or recommendations on the installation.
Will the battery locks work on all batteries?
Yes: The battery lock should work on all maintenance free batteries. However, if you have a battery that is not maintenance free, you may need a crossover plate that we can offer.
Will the battery locks work on all medium and heavy duty trucks?
Yes: the battery locks are designed to work on most trucks that have group 31 batteries. In some cases, we have come across trucks that have aftermarket parts or new trucks that we need to design new kits for. If you are not sure about the fit, please contact us by phone, email or our contact form. 
Will the battery lock fit the Isuzu trucks with just one battery?
Yes: We do have Battery locks that can be installed on medium duty trucks with just a single battery. You will not need the NPR kit that we have in our store but may need addition hardware we offer. Please contact us for any help. 
How long does it take to receive my order?

We normally ship the following day, please see shipping guide below.