battery lock for 4 batteries

Installation guide helps you get lock properly fitted. Weather you have one battery or four, our locks will protect your batteries at a fraction of cost to replacing them. Let’s secure a good start to your day.

Your batteries are extremely essential for-a”good start” to your day. Imagine trying to start your truck only to find your batteries stolen. Your entire business and livelihood have come to a complete stop . Many of us have experienced the effects of this first hand with hours of downtime / repairs, high cost for replacement batteries and the delay of time sensitive orders/shipments risking the loss of both customers and contracts.


Battery theft is one of the lastest growing problems throughout the U.S and Canada. We are asked daily “How can I lock up the batteries on our trucks and construction equipment?” As a small logistics company, we had our batteries stolen and we looked online for the solution, nothing at the time was available.We are now the only company that offers anti-theft battery lock. This is the best solution to prevent thieves from stealing your batteries.

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